February 10 Enrico Fermi is arrested and charged with breaking the 18th law of Thermodynamics. The first manned Mars landing: "Hey! October 12 - The first pair of electric scissors were created by Marvin Gaye. 1950 people have exploded as the result of a laxative overdose. Bring, Valdosta, Georgia, USA John Santos (II, Vallejo, California, USA Johnnie Nuich, Perth, Australia Johnny Kascier, Minnesota, USA Johnny Tocco,. Suffice to say that, when talking about 1952, someone means: The year between 19 In the year 1952, Elizabeth II became Queen of England, mainly because with a surname like 'II there aren't many other jobs you can. 25 - Jesus Christ declared the official hero of America. He is later put up for adoption for legal reasons and taken in by a family in Iowa. Ernie Keebler, a former line supervisor, started a commercial bakery known today as Burry-LU. WW76 hasn't happened yet.

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    December 25 Sultan Burnett. During one of those days, a group of young women in Istanbul attended a small parade of children, each carrying a different small animal on his or her shoulders. Oscar for Best Explosion goes to Robert Oppenheimer (.and his orchestra). Weight Most American women back then would be classified as "fat" today, but the feminists and.C. The United States legalized swing music.

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    Koreans were pretty violent for some reason near the end of the year 1950? February 30- Groundskeeper Willie, philosopher born. "Nigger" was considered funny. Nobody paid attention to Madagascar for the 137th year running. Examples of this first batch were unwrapped and eaten in 1980 at the 50th Anniversary celebration. December 2 - Rosa Parks arrested, booked and jailed for her joke. Explains to ant-ravaged nation how this can provide enough water and protein to survive in harsh climates. 1950 - The Number 1950 comes after 1949 and quite earlier than 22483. Satan was arrested in Los Santos with CJ on charges of DUI and assaulting hookers.